The Interesting Thing About Icebergs and Glaciers

icebergIcebergs and glaciers are for a lot more than just sinking large ships. They’re like nature’s naturally-formed statues or other beautiful structures.

They’re more beautiful than some artwork, and some are thousands upon thousands of years old. It’s not the kind of ice that you can fall through; it’s the kind of ice that is thick enough to be practically its continental shelf. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but what isn’t an exaggeration is exactly how awesome they are.

Icebergs and glaciers are essentially the same things except that icebergs are pieces of the glaciers that have broken off, and are now floating around in the ocean. Icebergs can be a bit deceiving if you see one above water. That’s because above the water you can usually only see about ten percent of it while the other ninety percent is below the water.

Unfortunately, for people who see them, they are way too unstable to walk on. Believe me, if you’re in a cold enough climate to go see some icebergs, then you don’t want to fall in that cold water. Glaciers are fairly safe to walk on, and can be pretty fun to check out for the geologists, or other people that typically go there. The only problem is that not everyone can handle the cold.

If you’re a person who admires the beauty of art, or geography, then you may want to plan a trip to go glacier hiking yourself, or maybe some ice climbing for those of you who are adventurous enough.

Homes in the Cold Climates

Living in the really cold climate has got to be tough. I don’t live in it, but places like Alaska are beautiful so I can understand why people would live there. I love the cold nature that surrounds such climates, but I have enough maintenance issues with my own home I wonder what they have to do there!

When I think about it more thoroughly it seems like in a very short summary they just have to spend more money while doing any home construction there. I had the incredible Benefit Plumbing of Fort Smith here where I live, but I cannot even imagine the cost of their plumbing maintenance there with the cold threatening to burst their pipes. A lot of it seems to be like having to shovel constantly!

Luckily they’ve come up with some of the technology to combat that. I had a buddy who was an electrician in New York who would sometimes install heated driveways, or sidewalks. That way the residents could simply flip a switch in their home to keep their pavement warm enough to keep the ice, and snow off. Takes a lot of electricity, but it’s worth the time and money you don’t have to shovel snow.

I’m sure there are dozens of inventions now available to adapt homes to the colder nature that will even allow picky people like me live in such beautiful places. In fact, I think I just may consider Alaska to be the perfect location to make my next move.

Getting Everyone on Board with Global Warming

Global warming is one of the most argued topic of today’s culture of whether or not it’s even real to begin with. Personally I think it’s very real, and absolutely something we should be concerned warming

For those who don’t fully understand what global warming is, it’s pretty much exactly how it sounds, but not quite that simple. Global warming is the general overall temperature of the Earth gradually increasing over there years due to things such as greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a normal part of nature, and that’s what people who argue against global warming tend to point out.

Our problem is an excess of carbon dioxide using things such as fossil fuels for just about everything from our cars to our power plants. Before we knew this had a disastrous effect on our planet we had an excuse to do it, but now that we do know we know to control our selves. Before that, we knew that fossil fuels were not an infinite resource, yet we still only make very small efforts to converting to a different source of energy worldwide.

It seems strange that the argument about whether or not global warming exists, and whether it should be dealt with is still a debated topic. It’s debated between persistent scientists, rich oil companies, and stubborn politicians. It’s been going on for years at this point in fact, and I’m honestly not surprised by it anymore after what I learned from a very interesting educational TV show known as Cosmos by Neil Degrasse Tyson.

What I learned is this isn’t the first time that this much arguing has had to be done to get anything accomplished even with scientific proof. While discovering the age of the planet, it was discovered by some very intelligent scientist decades ago that the Earth is covered in small amounts of lead. Lead is harmful to us humans, and while checking levels of lead, it was discovered that oil company’s sale of lead gasoline was putting seriously dangerous levels of lead into our environment. The evidence was all there, and the lead would prove to hurt us over time. Almost precisely like our fight today to stop global warming, it took many years fighting the money, and influence of oil companies to put bans and restrictions on lead gasoline. In the process saving the health of everyone living at the time, and their children in the future.

The lesson to take from this is that global warming shouldn’t be based on opinion it should be based on evidence, fact, and have it reviewed by the professionals. We’ve been told it’s real by the professionals but convinced its fake by the people who stand to benefit financially from the lie. Personally I believe in the science, and I’m ready to stand by the science, and I hope something more helpful is done about it in our near future. We live in this environment, and I find it incredibly important to take care of it.

Why are the North Pole, and the South Pole the Coldest Parts?

north poleSomething very interesting that you may have learned growing up, forgot, and noticed again is that the North Pole and the South Pole are the coldest places on the planet.
I won’t speak for everyone, but I know that I certainly did so I decided a while back to take a quick look to see how much there was really to it, and it can be quite the interesting learn.
We all know that the Earth is tilted on its axis. For some of us that isn’t such a big deal, but if were at either the North Pole or the South Pole, then it would be. The way that the Earth is tilted the two poles don’t get nearly as much direct sunlight as most of the rest of us do. In fact, they even experience six months straight of daylight, then experience the next six months straight of complete night. Even during the day time, the sun is stuck close to the horizon which means not nearly as much sunlight is getting to them.

Nowhere else in the world can someone experience six straight months of sunlight, and six straight months of night time. Personally I think it would be cool, but that’s because I’m used to what’s normal down here in the United States. For someone who is used to that sort of thing, I’m sure they would have a completely different kind of opinion. From what I’ve seen of homes that are affected by this they have to have complete blackout shutters so they can sleep during the late hours while there’s still day light hours out.
The fact that neither pole gets very good direct sunlight isn’t the only contributing reason for why it’s so cold in their locations. If you’ve ever been told to wear a white t-shirt on a hot day, then you know that the color white reflects some of the sunlight, and won’t retain as much heat as darker colors. Since both poles are covered in completely white snow, and ice they don’t retain as much of the little bit of Sun they do happen to get. An interesting by-product of it being so cold in those places is that the air is drier there than anywhere else in the world including the desert. Cold air is able to retain moisture in the air nearly as much as hot air can, and as a result, the air in those parts of the world are incredibly dry.
If this is all the case, then how can they possibly be warming up? That is because the ocean that runs underneath the ice is getting warmer. The planet’s tilt hasn’t changed, but if you put warm enough water under any ice, then it will start to melt, unfortunately. I’m not one for the cold myself I’ve always been more comfortable in the warmer temperatures, but I think Alaska would be a very nice place to live. I may take a vacation up there myself sometime in the future while it’s still a beautiful place.